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Young Inventors Received a Grant From the Foundation!

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation provides comprehensive support to innovative research: through the programs, projects, contests and grants. Also, the Foundation helps to implement socially important startups.

This is why we were glad to respond to the invitation to the Happy Farm business-incubator presentation of start-up projects of young inventors, which took place on July 20 in Kiev.

Happy Farm is the first US-Ukrainian business incubator, whose main task is searching and commercial promotion of innovative projects in the IT-sector. One the benefits of Happy Farm is its international Bord, international mentoring program specially equipped workstations, as well as a lot of bonuses. Here the best innovative projects are produced, and they in the nearest future can dramatically change the course of history.

Young inventors have presented dozens of unique products, among which it was not easy to choose the best one. For example, the residents of the Jamrooms project told about their know-how – the embedded OEM technology on implementation of collaboration and communication functions implementation into web services. Using Jamrooms through social network Linkedin allows managers to communicate effectively with their target audience. This saves time and increases sales.

The second unusual and interesting service we would like to point out is StyleFie – mobile photo-polls. It is enough to make pictures in a variety of accessories, and your friends will help you to choose what to buy, voting for the best, in their opinion, option.

There were presented many other interesting scientific developments which can ease the life of people significantly.

They are:

  • Coursmos – a project offering a fundamentally new concept of online learning. Boring online courses can be replaced by a more convenient format – micro-courses, of which people will choose only the material they want to learn.
  • CommerceRun – an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to set up his own Internet shop, choose the online trading platforms, and have a detailed sales and visits statistics.
  • NextMusic.TV – a website for those who wishes to set up their own radio broadcasts with a certain mood, tempo, language, genre, and even a year.
  • atCollab – a web-based application that performs selection of suppliers in the company. Provided analytical tools will help to find the most profitable deals.
  • Lookwider – a fundamentally new platform of a feedback between the person and the company through photo and video-feedbacks.
  • Buy the necessary furniture and painting masterpieces in a one mouse-click with the help of a Lonely Walls mobile application, also represented by the Happy Farm residents.
  • Undisputedly the students enjoy the Instudies web service, which allows to create virtual groups, share abstracts, lectures, assignments, and stay informed of upcoming events and even a classes schedule!
  • With the WinkCam app for smartphones it is possible to make photos almost instantly. It’s enough to … double tap the body of the phone!
  • It is now possible to plunge into the magical world of quests and comics using the PhotoZeen program. These games help to improve the skills of photographers, even those who have only recently decided to become ones.
  • The Newzmate web service combines news about events based on the user’s interests, and allows to easily find news and flexibly customize information sources.
  • Taskle – online platform bringing together the IT-freelancers and providing a steady income for the successful completion of tasks.
  • The ESM site provides everyone with the necessary information from the Kiev school museums.
  • Advice Wallet is the social loyalty program, which helps to attract and retain customers. It also enables companies to develop the individual effective scheme of work with clients.

All projects were innovative and useful, and the best of them, in our opinion, we have awarded a grant of 50,000 UAH. The choice was not easy. We were guided, first of all, by the social significance of the project, its positive effects and the extent of influence. That is why we have chosen a startup that, in our opinion, would be of great benefit to all – EyeDoc. This is a program that can reduce the computer nonpositive impact on human eyes. The application will automatically detect when your eyes need a rest. By analyzing the position of the PC user’s body, as well as the eye level in relation to the monitor and their muscles’ intensity, the software will inform the person about the need to change the pose. This will help the millions of PC users around the world not only to save vision, but also, perhaps, to get rid of glasses.

“For us it is important to help those who dare, who create something totally new and unique. We see great potential in the guys and in this project, “– said the President of the board of the Foundation Natalia Kolesnik.

“We are very pleased that in Ukraine there are new sponsors, investors, business-angels”, – assured those present Anna Degtereva, CEO and founder of Happy Farm. – There is no doubt that EyeDoc is one of the most interesting, relevant and socially useful projects. We are pleased that the guys have the opportunity to develop the project and congratulate them with a baptism of fire – the first grant!”

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation managers join these congratulations and wish the guys not to stop, but to make new and useful discoveries! After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!