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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find answers to your questions related to the activities of the Fund, the procedure of applying for a grant, the terms and procedures for financial assistance. If you can not find the answer to your question in this section, you can send us your question using a special feedback form located in Contact Us [bs_collapse id="collapse_7def-3d00"]
[bs_citem title="Are you ready to work with other charities / organizations?" id="citem_0437-eda9" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] Yes, we are. Foundation involves partner organizations for projects. In addition, we are ready to co-financing social projects with other foundations and organizations, because we understand that:
  1. joinined forces as a rule allow to achieve better results;
  2. common activities help to avoid duplication (implementing similar programs) and, therefore, allow to implement more projects and to use funds more efficiently.
At the same time, the Fund does not cooperate with organizations which deal with politics and religion, as well as those operating without state registration. [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="I want to help the foundation. How can I do this?" id="citem_20ef-dd94" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] You can send funds to the account of our charity foundation: EDRPOU code 33853059 P / P AT 26009448519 in “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” MFO 380805 [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="I want to make an appointment with the foundation’s representative. How can I do it?" id="citem_1f4c-65f3" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] You need to send a request from the Contacts page. The letter should specify the subject of the meeting and your personal contact information. The meeting takes place only on foundation’s projects! [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="How can I get help?" id="citem_dfc6-b917" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] In order to get assistance from the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation you need to download and fill out the letter of submission, and after its approval - necessary documents to obtain a charity, which then must be sent to our foundation at zayavki@kondakov.ua.  After reviewing your application by the expert commission and the recognition of its consistency with the goals and objectives of the foundation, our specialist will contact you to complete the process of getting help. IMPORTANT REMINDER:  our foundation is not engaged in health issues associated with the treatment, purchase of medicines and medical equipment.  Also we DO NOT SUPPORT commercial organizations and personal businesses.  The following information may be useful for you - What documents are required to obtain charitable assistance from the foundation? [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="I want to beсome a charity foundation volunteer. What do I need to do this?" id="citem_b9e1-8c82" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] If you would like to help other people, have a positive impact on society and build a decent future for our country, we can offer you a unique opportunity – to become a volunteer of the Good Deeds ICF. To get acquainted with the recruitment process of new volunteers, please visit the presentation page [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="How can our company become a partner of the foundation?" id="citem_b0f4-d6a8" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"] Our Foundation is open for cooperation with prospective companies wishing to make a contribution to charity. Today we are working with dozens of successful companies: transport, travel agencies, cinemas and exhibition centers. If your company would like to join the list of donators, please visit our presentation page. [/bs_citem] [bs_citem title="I could not find the answer to my question on this page. What do I have to do?" id="citem_e8a1-4927" parent="collapse_7def-3d00"]
You can ask your questions using the feedback form located on the "Contact Us" page.
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