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About Us

"We are making the world a better place" The mission of the Foundation:
  • To create conditions for large-scale global positive changes, life improvement and emotional state of people,
  • to take actions to eliminate causes of the today’s social problems,
  • to give people the opportunity to express themselves and find their way,
  • to create prerequisites for a spiritual revival and development of society.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • To reach a deeper perception of the world by people, to give people an opportunity for their self-fulfillment in all spheres of the modern world;
  • To facilitate the creation of educational programs and information designed to activate the self-realization of people;
  • To help to achieve the potential of gifted youth's talents;
  • To develop the spiritual values in the Ukrainian society, such as family, friends, loyalty, honor, mercy as the basis of self-determination of the Ukrainian nation;
  • To develop such philosophical values as humanism, generosity, honesty, politeness;
  • To develop all the cultural trends in Ukraine related to the creative process, to help talented people to express themselves more clearly in terms of their creative implementation;
  • To create mechanisms that increase creative potential of the Ukrainian nation;
  • To implement and maintain programs on the development of modern technologies in Ukraine and the IT industry, to contribute into the development of the Ukrainian economy;
  • To implement programs improving people’s financial literacy and to create conditions for more dynamic development of the Ukrainian stock market;
  • To collaborate with the state in the sphere of preservation of the national culture and strengthening of the traditions, and also to support innovative projects that provide a cultural breakthrough;
  • To help children who are deprived of parental attention;
  • To promote the practice of child adoption and to support orphanages.

The Principles of the Foundation:

Independence is the absence of political motives in the decisions. Our foundation, its founders and employees are apolitical. Transparency - we have introduced the highest standards of transparency, from the start of the projects and ending with the methodology of decision-making on Foundationing and publication of reports in the technology of the Foundation’s work Efficiency - we study and analyze every project carefully, every request, every account, which pays the Foundation, in order to get the most out of the investment capabilities.

All our works are full of goodness and we clearly realize what we want to achieve!

In the process of the websit creation the materials of the "Development of Ukraine" Foundation's website http://www.fdu.org.ua were used.