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Board of Trustees


Nadiya Meiher

Singer, actress, broadcaster, poetess


Natalia Valevskaya



Оlga Polyakova

Singer, broadcaster, writer



Volodymyr Vasynyuk

Director the Kiev Minor Academy of Sciences for Students


Natalia Anri



​​Оksen Lisovoy

Director of MAN of Ukraine


Vladimir Kamyshin

Director of the Gifted Child Institute NAPS of Ukraine


Igor Chernetsky

The head of the Non-governmental organization of Ukrainian teachers "Shlyah osvity of the XXI century"


​​Nikolay Turov

Member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Inventors and Innovators Society


Еvgeniy Kudryavets

Director of the Innovations Centre of MAS of Ukraine



Currently, the Board of Trustees of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation is in its formative stage. If you support the initiatives of the foundation, feel the strength to participate in large-scale social changes and want to be a part of our charity program, send your request to join the Trustees Board.

What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is an advisory and consultative body of the fund, which coordinates and improves the efficiency of operations and consists of a well-known and respected figures of culture, art, science and education, writers, politicians, etc. The decision to include persons in the Board of Trustees is accepted by the Board on the terms and conditions determined by the charter of the fund. The duties of the Board of Trustees are:

  • monitoring of the activities of the fund;
  • preparation of the governing bodies of the fund proposals to improve the operation of the Fund;
  • participation in the meetings of the governing bodies of all levels of the fund in an advisory capacity;
  • making recommendations core development strategy and activities of the fund;
  • implementation of additional functions consultative and methodical support of the Foundation.

Who may become the Board of Trustees member?

Our board is open to all! We invite:

  • stars of show business,
  • business
  • scientists
  • athletes
  • all the concerned people who want to help their public support for the promotion of our goals.

Join the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation Board of Trustees, invite your friends and acquaintances, because only together with love in our hearts we can build a new world!