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Let’s Paint Our Summer Together With the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation

On the 5th of July in Taras Shevchenko park more than 75 children with their parents and grandparents gathered for a fun Paint our summer campaign, organized by the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation. This Foundation has been for more than a year engaged in financing large-scale social projects in partnership with educational institutions and progressive companies. At this time representatives of the Moya Umnichka Center of Development and Creativity  took part in the preparation and carrying out of the promotional event.

The event program started at 11am with a master class in art. The children tested themselves as artists, learning the basics of painting plaster figurines: hearts, flowers, butterflies, balls and machines of all shapes and sizes. Participants were allowed to choose the color and label for their future “gypsum fantasy” as well as advice from friends and family, how to make it better.

Those who wanted to win prizes were able to participate in a My Summer drawing competition on the asphalt “”.  According to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation managers this kind of art has two very important functions: allows children to unleash their creativity and to remove the psychological communication barriers. All the children were very happy.

Later everyone joined the fun games with a professional animator named Pchelka. Outdoor games combined with the launch of multi-colored bubbles, which the children were very happy with. Often grandparents joined theirchildren and grandchildren; mums and dads with interest participated in games and workshops.

All participants of the action “Let’s Paint Our Summer” had an opportunity to spend a wonderful family holiday in the open air, to show their creativity and rejoice wonderful gifts. After the event, participants shared their experiences with friends and acquaintances, which, in turn, had a positive impact on the culture of healthy family entertainment. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation staff are convinced that such actions should be carried out as often as possible in all cities of Ukraine, and be provided by not Charity Foundations only but also by government agencies.