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7 interactive zones of the “Schos’Slon” festival

At the “Schos’Slon” first festival of children’s handmade creativity (May 30-31) you will sure find unusual ways of spending time with your children!

For all visitors the organizers have prepared seven interactive zones with a variety of fun and interesting games:

1). “Mam Pap” studio — a place where parents will get professional advices from pediatricians, psychologists, teachers. This location will help understand the interests of your own children better and get useful tips on their education and development.

2). “Hrum-Hrum” court — place with healthy food (children and adults), where everyone can make a useful stopover for their health and recuperation.

3). “Daj-daj” presentation area — a place where there will be a presentation platform manufacturers of children’s products.

4). “Dzyga” game quarter — a zone of active recreation for children from leading event agencies, animators and organizations representing the interactive format of the festival with the help of developing and informative games.

5). “Kalyaki Malaki” workshop — the center of a large number of workshops for children and adults.

6). “Schos’Slon” art exhibition — an exhibition of children’s drawings.

7). “Barbariska” fair — selling products for babies with thematic symbols of the festival from the leading studios of Ukraine, as well as a unique fair of children’s hand-made.

Come to our holiday and plunge into the world of childhood together with the Good Deeds ICF!