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Innovations Arsenal for Everyone!

On May 25 in the national culture and art museum complex Art Arsenal an innovative educational project Arsenal of Ideas was announced. This is a kind of creative laboratory, which combines the leading Ukrainian experience with the innovations of the global community. It allows children to receive valuable knowledge in the form of a game. For this purpose a unique interactive space of three virtual laboratories – art, science and innovation ones – was created.

This project has a lot in common with our Improving the Financial and Computer Literacy program. For this reason Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation made a contribution to Arsenal of Ideas together with the other partners of the project – Microsoft Ukraine, Coca-Cola and Samsung. The financial assistance received by Arsenal of Ideas from our foundation will provide free access to the exhibition for children deprived of parental care and children from large families. The Foundation’s President Natalia Kolesnik in her speech stressed the fundamental importance of innovative educational projects for the positive development of modern Ukrainian society. According to her, the intellectual potential of Ukrainians is enormous, and all you need to do is to support it and let it flow in the right direction. So we give the “green light” to creative initiatives and the future of our country, which depends directly on the young generation.

Also during the presentation there were speeches by the director of Art Arsenal Natalia Zabolotnaya, the director of Art Arsenal Charity Foundation Olga Vieru, the Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports Yuriy Pavlenko, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko, the director of the corporation Microsoft Ukraine Dmitry Shimkiv. And after the presentation all the little visitors received gifts from Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

Thematic conferences will be conducted in the future too, and the positive experience of Arsenal of Ideas will become a stimulus for a positive global transformation of Ukraine during the whole year of the project’s realization.

The staff of Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation believe that the implementation of innovative programs, especially for children, is now one of the current social priorities, because with love in our heart we are building a new world!