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Seminar of the Centre for Social Initiatives

Conducting Organization of Volunteers in Melitopol training seminar among the representatives of public organizations as a part of the Making the World Better program by the Center for Social Initiatives.

Partners: -

Project location: Melitopol.

Implementation period: 07.04.2014.

Purpose and objectives:

  • presentation of the Foundation's activities and the start of the Center for Social Initiatives;
  • instructing how to become a CSI volunteer assistant;
  • development of more than 15 social initiatives that can be implemented in Melitopol;
  • formation of the concepts of "idea", "social initiative", "project";
  • carrying out practical tasks for the participants of the training: writing and submission of 5 social initiatives under the directions of the SRC;
  • exchange of logos, posting news;
  • developing of 5 social initiatives in Melitopol.

Target audience: students, pupils, adults.

Resonance: Zaporozhskaya, Ukraine.