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“The Right to a Full Life” Project

The project is implemented as a part of the Older Generation That's We in Future program by the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation. Taking into account the example of the Melitopol territorial cente, where in addition to standard services elderly people get the opportunity to study and attend a variety of activities (the University of the Third Generation, Crynychka club). Things become an important stimulus for life, help the elderly people learn new activities and spend free time usefully .


  • Development of the Future Zaporizhzhya Regional Charitable Foundation

Implementation period: November-December 2013.

Project location: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region.

Objective: Support the right of the elderly people to quality education with the help of modern equipment in the study room.


  • Purchase of new furniture and modern technological equipment for training rooms.
  • Providing quality educational services for the elderly.

Target audience: elderly people who visit Melitopol territorial center.

Resonance: unlimited.