The team of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation is concerned with issues of environment protection and preservation of our planet for the future generations. Indeed, rapid development of human civilization leads to the destruction of the planet that is our only home in the universe.

We believe that ecological lifestyle aimed at nature conservation will help in resolving environmental issue in our country and all around the world.

Therefore, within the Development of Science and Technology program, we organized a nationwide environmental grant competition EcoNation!

The Purpose of the Contest:

  • Solving of urgent environmental issues;
  • Supporting of innovative activities;
  • Formation of ecological culture and active life position among people in relation to the global challenges confronting humanity.

With the help of the project, our team wants to positively change the environmental situation in the world and promote the development of scientific potential of young scientists in the field of environmental protection and environmental activities.

To participate in competition are invited pupils, students, researchers, IT-specialists and not indifferent to the protection of nature people.

Objectives of the Competition:

  1. Promotion the principles of environmental responsibility and development of eco-awareness.
  2. Development of creative approach to environmental issues.
  3. Formation of positive attitude towards the environment.
  4. Identifying of newest methods and ideas for environmental conservation.
  5. Engaging of every Ukrainian to solving environmental questions of today.
  6. Formation of the information and meaningful field for discussion in the MAN of Ukraine.

Requirements for Contest Works:

  • Bright creative project that can expand the consciousness of Ukrainians to ecological lifestyle;
  • Helps to reduce the ecological footprint of a human or a product;
  • With your project our planet will be cleaner and healthier;
  • Your project generates positive attitude of people to ecology;
  • Your project is viable and realistic;
  • Your project does not contain political or religious context.

The competition consists of 2 blocks: IT-startups and scientific/practical inventions.

Age of Participants: from 15 to 85 years.

The Grant Amount Varies:

Team projects:

  1. Winner among IT startups to 25 years – 25 000 UAH.
  2. Winner among IT startups after 25 years – 25 000 UAH.
  3. Winner among invention projects - schoolchildren – 10 000 UAH.
  4. Winner among invention projects - students – 20 000 UAH.
  5. Winner among invention projects - over 25 years – 20 000 UAH.

Winner among single works receives a grant from the competition partner.

The Key Criteria for Project Selection are:

  • Creative approach to issues on a given topic;
  • Positive view;
  • Technological equipment;
  • Environmental efficiency;
  • Economic feasibility;
  • Innovative solutions;
  • Ability to implement the project;
  • Compliance clearance.

To Participate You Need to:

The Decision to Support the Project Accepts: by advisory council, composed of independent scientists, programmers and specialists in social sphere.

The winner will be announced no sooner than 30 working days after the deadline.

Structure of the «EcoNation» Project:

  • March 3 – start of the project.
  • October 25 – the first (on-line) selection of projects.
  • October 27 – announcement of finalists.
  • November 25 – final (2nd stage of the selection). On the same day will be held the awarding ceremony.

From the 1st day of each month will start additional activity. (Stay tuned for news on the web-site and in social networks)

If necessary (at the request of participants) will be held webinars and trainings. Will be sent explanatory letters and useful information. Stay tuned for news on the website and in social network.