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Communication is a way to success

Implemented within the Road to Life for Every Child program.

Purpose: To achieve 40 children’s dream from boarding schools of Chernihiv region and organize high-quality, meaningful leisure activity, during which the children will receive practical skills that will help them in individual life.

It is in the camp of "Skautvill" (Kyiv region), a special program developes in the form of training and action games, where children from boarding schools will be able to gain required knowledge.


- Create an effective and practical environment that will help teenagers in preparation for individual life;

- Teach and make an efficient use of its own resources;

- Develop an effective model of teenager’s communication;

- Develop the skills to work in a team;

- Stimulate the creativity of the project participants;

- Activate individual leadership skills and abilities;

- Encourage active participants in the project.

Partners: the magazines "Edinstvenaya" and "Good parents"

Geography of the Project: Kiev region, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district, the territory of  "Summer tent camp" Skautvill"

Implementation period: from 17.07.2014 to 31.07.2014.

Resonance: 40 children.

Results: The knowledge and skills help children to fulfill their potential and find their place in adult life after leaving the orphanage.