Implemented as a part of the Revival of Cultural and Moral Valuesprogram.

National Institute for the Gifted Child Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine in the framework of a joint project with the National Center " Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine " and FM MST "Quasar" , a national team was selected and participants of the XX International Conference «ICYS -2014» were prepared .

ICYS International Conference is the kind of individual competitions in physics, mathematics , computer science and ecology for children from 14 to 18 years.


  • Chernivtsy City Youth Research Society "Quasar"
  • Patrons, businessmen

Project location: Belgrade (Serbia).

Implementation period: 17-23.04.2014.

Purpose: support the participants of the International Conference of Young Researchers ICYS -2014, who will protect on the international level not only their own scientific results, but also the scientific image of Ukraine.

Objective: to represent Ukraine at the International Conference of Young Researchers ICYS -2014 and create a stable motivation to scientific creativity.

Target audience: 5 people (3 students – the winners of the national stage of the ICYS - Ukraine competition and two Ukrainian research team supervisors).

Resonance: unlimited.