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Grant for the Best IT-project “Creative Mind”


The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation invites IT-beginners, programmers and innovators to take part in the competition and get a grant to implement a project in the framework of the program Improving financial and computer literacy - Creative Mind

The purpose of the contest: to motivate talented professionals develop their potential and to develop the field of information technologies in Ukraine. We create flexible, efficient platform to support developers of innovative and modern institutions.

Dear friends! We, the staff of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation ready to hear you, to support your proposals and hope that the result of our collaboration will be a real explosion in the IT-Ukrainian computing environment!

The main condition for the competition: the result of the project should be the creation and presentation of a specific IT-product, where the product is the product and the computer, and the project.

The size of individual grants for the creation of IT-product: 40 000 UAH.

Project implementation period: within 3 months from the date of grant.

The competition consists of a single block: individual grants for the establishment of IT-project.

Grants are awarded in the following IT-areas:

  • Web Development,
  • Mobile Development,
  • Game Development.

Thematic priorities for Competition 2013 grants are given to the computer programs providing analytical information in the financial sector: it can be a service, a site, a game. Also, it can be all sorts of applications that, in your opinion, will make the world a better place. The most important condition - the result of a project should be the creation and presentation of a specific IT-product, where the product is the program and the project itself.

The key criteria for project selection are: quality, innovation, a clear description of the product, its advantage over the other projects, clear architecture, extensibility.

The decision to support projects is made by the Advisory Council, made up of experts in various computer fields.

The decision to award a grant is received on the basis of project proposals (electronic and hard copies) submitted to the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation at the following addresses.

The project application

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