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The Best Food Fest Health Festival

From 7 to 8 December in Kiev at the NSC "Olympiysky" a Best Food Fest & Health festival of healthy eating supported by The Good Deeds ICF.

Visitors to the festival met with the global trends of healthy food with organic and eco-friendly products, attended master classes by leading chefs, nutritionists, experts on healthy lifestyles.



  • Best Food Fest & Health Organizers
  • Sadochok and Sandora Juices
  • Electrolux technical partner

Implementation period: 7-8.12.2013.

Project location: Ukraine, Kiev.


Introduce children and their parents to the "healthy" pastime, let the children show their creativity in cookingin cooking.


Create a play space for the whole family.

Target audience: parents, 5-17 years old children, festival visitors.

Resonance: 3,000.