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«Kazkovi Peredzvony» Festival

The project is part of the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values and Smile Makes Everyone Happier Foundation's programs.

It is intended to draw public attention to the problems of abandonment, the integration of children and youth with disabilities to society through creativity and art, the development of the volunteer movement, creative and professional levels of today's youth, inter-sectoral and inter-regional cooperation.


  • Our Happy Life Zaporizhzhya regional youth organization of the deaf.


Carrying a wide range of cultural and artistic events (workshops, an exhibition of drawings, a charity concert integration ) during the winter holidays.


For a full implementation of the project a broad information campaign was planned (announcing the news conference, sending out announcements and releases of master classes , concerts , advertising the project on the social networks and news sites , inviting creative youth teams with boarding schools and other Zaporozhye region of Ukraine), a series of free workshops for children from orphanages and boarding schools Zaporozhye region holding most of the Festival and the Regional Development Forum volunteering and inclusive processes.

Project location: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region.

Implementation period: 18.11.2013-12.12.2013

Target audience: students of Zaporozhye regional orphanages and boarding schools, the general public of Zaporozhye region and the whole country, local organizations and creative children's and youth groups, the media and government.

Resonance: unlimited.