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Day “CH”

Pop stars, TV personalities and other prominent Ukrainians gathered for a mass warm up under the guidance of the world champion in swimming Denis Silantyev at the Obolon embankment for a world record with the largest mass warm up ever. Members and guests of the exercise were presented with demonstrations and air yoga master classes. In addition, the youngest athletes were treated with a delicious vegetarian biscuits. All this was organized by The Good Deeds ICF. Partners:
  • The Denis Silantyev Foundation
Implementation period: October 6, 2013 Project location: Kiev, Obolon embankment. Purpose: to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Objectives:
  • Provide an opportunity for the active young people realization in sport and healthy eating.
  • Provide an opportunity for the guests of the festival to get acquainted with vegetarіanstvom and useful diet in the vegetarian cafe.
Target Audience: residents of the city, Mass Media, the city administration, athletes, active youth. Resonance: 8 500 people.