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The Road to Life for Every Child

We want every child in this country to have the opportunity to fulfill his potential and achieve success, we want to change the statistics and give a chance to everyone.

(Konstantin Kondakov)

The Program "Road to Life for Every Child" is aimed primarily at the global social changes in our society and nullifying the number of children who, for one reason or another were left without parental attention and affection, as well as the means of providing housing and employment, adult children's homes and boarding schools. Implementation of this program is aimed at upbringing full-fledged members of society of those children who have lost parents. Under this program, we set a global and ambitious goal to minimize the number of Ukrainian children who were deprived of parental care and love. In addition to this, one of the main directions in our program is to address the social adaptation of children's homes’ and boarding schools’ graduates, providing them with housing and work. Today in Ukraine there are tens of thousands of orphans, and a third of them do not have homes. Situation is not solved by the family type homes. The child can stay there only until adulthood. Then he goes by himself. And what happens to him then? - Statistics is not reassuring ... Only 10% of children are to start a normal life. The main cause of this phenomenon in our opinion is that the state does not fully provide these children with housing. And of course to earn even a rental for them is extremely difficult. Many of such children are forced to literally go to streets and as a result come to a worse end. Those few, who are lucky enough to find a job with the provision of dormitories, smooth statistics a little, but in general the numbers are still disappointing. We believe that this is one of the main issues that need to be raised and resolved in a society - and we do this, we will strive to ensure that every graduate of a children's home or orphanage received social housing and was able to continue to build his or her life. We are confident that their homes will radically change the situation, as almost everyone can earn a living today, even working as a loader, a cleaner or a security guard.