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The Development of Science and Technology


There is nothing more wonderful than the human brain, there is nothing more amazing than the process of thinking, and there is nothing more precious than the results of research ...

(Maxim Gorky)

Within this program we have set a goal to develop and support scientific and technological progress. To achieve this goal we plan to implement targeted funding of the advanced scientific research, experimental laboratories and institutes, conferences and author’s inventions, publications, etc. Well-developed science and a good mechanism of implementing scientific achievements into mass production is the basis for a nation’s well-being. No doubt, future genius inventors today need financial and moral support. They want to be heard and to contribute to the development of the modern world.

It’s a pleasure for us to make their dreams come true!

  • Within this program we are going to promote:
  • deepening of scientific knowledge using modern information technology resources;
  • the introduction of new educational programs and innovative solutions;
  • activation of professional scientific associations;
  • the formation of a values system, based on the love of science and desire to grow professionally, among young people;
  • support for beginners and reputable scientists;
  • activation of publishing scientific literature and providing free access to it for a wide range of people;
  • organization of international conferences, seminars and symposia.

The global objective of the program is to create favorable conditions for a rapid development of science and technology.

We are convinced that scientific and technological progress can solve many non-positive moments, which the modern society has to deal with nowadays. Activation of "youth science" in the near future would pave the way for large-scale social changes that will make our country prosperous!

The reasons for our choosing this program:

  • economic – we are confident that an intellectually developed nation is able to produce a better product and in larger amounts, and this, in turn, will raise the economic level of every Ukrainian citizen;
  • biological – people, passionate about their profession, are less prone to stress and low spirits. Scientific and technical progress is able to solve many biological problems, which exist in a modern society;
  • image – the development of science in Ukraine will have a positive impact on our country’s image in the eyes of the world and will open new prospects for its development.

Scientific opinion

"Science is the most important, the most beautiful and necessary for life, it has always been and will be the highest expression of love, and by love alone mankind will conquer the nature and itself" (A.Chekhov)

Scientific and technological progress is vital to humanity. Thanks to it, we have hot and cold water in our houses, we are able to call our families thousands miles away, and the news comes directly to our house.

Without modern achievements in medicine, aerospace and telecommunications sectors mankind would have never become «homo sapiens», which we are now proud to be called. With the help of science mankind supplies water to arid regions of Africa, provides food to people living in almost all parts of the world, saves millions of people from previously incurable health problems!

K.Timiryazev said: "Only making their dreams come true, humanity is moving forward." Philosophers and writers had different interpretations of science’s importance in modern society, its useful and harmful sides. However, they all shared the opinion that science has a significant influence on the development of our society. Scientific achievements are always the realization of the creative potential of the best human minds, which today became the basis of society. The ideas came out of dreams: to link the continents by air and by sea. Out of dreams came out cell phones and cashless payment systems. It is the dream which stands at the origin of positive developments in genetic engineering and experimental physics! Science has given mankind a good start, and perhaps that is why, as Voltaire once precisely said: "Monuments of science live forever!"

"If science itself did not bring any practical use, even then it would be impossible to call it useless, so long as it would sharpen one’s mind and set it right" (Francis Bacon). Researchers believe that the development of science and technology should be focused on the basis of universal moral values and humanist philosophy. Science, created for a man, can turn our world into a blooming garden, where everyone will be able to realize themselves and to bring maximum benefit to others!

"The world rotates not around the people who wish to create a new noise, but around the creators of new values revolves the world: -- invisibly it revolves ", – Friedrich Nietzsche said. Scientists and inventors, educators and teachers have brought many benefits to humanity, these people are dedicated to their work! Millions of modern inhabitants of the earth have no idea how happy became their lives thanks to those who were truly dedicated to their work. The problems with health, hunger, electricity ) and transportation, with education and communications are not as serious as they used to be. It took the whole four years for Marco Polo to arrive in China - today he could have flown there in 12 hours! Isaac Newton once said: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Science does not only provide a decent life to humanity, but also contributes to the succession of generations. Precious scientific experience is passed from teachers to students, thus helping to preserve and modernize the tradition. New scientific trends always occur on the path that has already been walked by older generations of scientists. Therefore, the development of science helps in a way to solve relationship issues between the past and the future of a whole nation!

"Where the spirit of science dominates, there are great things with small means going on," - said Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov. Being absolutely certain, one can say that scientific and technological progress freed mankind from the slavery of time, space and poverty. We believe that humanistic science in a short time can bring humanity to a brand new level! Therefore, we will by all means support and guide the development of science and technology in Ukraine and abroad.