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The Projects Selection and Run Procedure

Project selection process is one of the key procedures, with the participation of the Foundation Board and its management, as well as outside experts. Project selection process is regulated by the internal documents of the Foundation and is organized in order to maximize its transparency and efficiency. The list of possible destinations and solutions to problems is proposed by members of the Board and the Foundation’s staff according to the results of the preliminary analysis of the most pressing social problems and requests for assistance received by the Foundation. The project must meet the following criteria to come to the Foundation Board:
  • Compliance with the mission and objectives of the Foundation. The project should focus on social development and lead to real changes in society, which can be measured. As the result of the project these changes (including institutional ones) need to be fixed.
  • Evidence of the benefits of aid to the recipient. The project should be result-oriented and focused on concrete benefits for beneficiaries.
  • Compliance with the Foundation's strategy. The project must be compatible with current and completed projects, which provides the single direction of Foundation’s actions.
  • Uniqueness. The project should not duplicate other Foundations’ and organizations’ programs. Realism. The project should be as simple as possible, to have a realistic plan of actions.
  • The decision on the selection of projects is made by the Foundation’s Board.
  • The final decision on the inclusion of projects in the programs of the Foundation is taken by Chairman of the Foundation Board.
  • Then, each of the selected projects goes through a thorough process of analysis and pre-project preparation.
  • At the stage of project development the international and domestic experience is studied, the best projects are selected for use in Ukraine. At this stage a list of possible agents to realize the project (partners) is created.
  • Criteria for selection of partners:
  • Good reputation and public recognition
  • National or international recognition
  • Experience with similar projects
  • Compatible with the mission objectives of the Foundation
  • Proof of competence
If there is more than one potential agent of the project, a closed competition is held. Decisions are made by a specially created committee of experts, possibly with the assistance of external experts. Potentially multiple partners can be selected for the program, each of which will be responsible for a separate activity. The decision to implement the project and the approval of its financial plan is accepted by the Board of the Foundation. To apply for consideration, prepare the following:
  1. Copies: Extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USREOU), certificate of state registration, the decision on assignment of feature-profit institutions (organizations), Charter.
  2. Financial Statements (balance) of the organization for the last 2 years.
  3. Staffing.
  4. Additional documentation of work experience, accomplishments or public interest organization / initiative group in this project - if any.
  5. Letters of support from organizations and institutions.
  6. Resume , of the project manager and the project team.
  7. Additional materials illustrating the project, if they exist.
  8. Certificate from the bank of a bill.
and fill out the application form WARNING! All applications for charitable assistance to the project considered ONLY AFTER completing and sending us the above forms and submission of all documents. We will inform the approval of your application, then you will need to complete other documents.