Dear Konstantin Georgievich! As a team leader I and all the guys with me, want to thank you for believing in us, and most importantly – for you presented us a dream. The team is born in the contest!

Dear Konstantin, the changes in the guys' consciousness are just unbelievable, their attitude to life changed too. The competition was superb, the organization of it – at a high level. There were 32 choirs from 14 countries: Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Thailand, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia. We have received the very high praise of the jury: 2 Golden Medals and Grand Prix of the competition. The team was invited to the Czech Republic to give a concert at the Opera House in Prague and take part in the twenty-seventh anniversary Choir Competition (Praga Cantat).

Thank you very much!


Art director

Natalia Shmaraeva-Gozhaya


Evrodom-plus Ltd. administration (a house for elderly lonely people) thanks Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for attention, warm attitude to the elderly lonely people.

Greetings on the March 8th and May 9th made our patients cry with joy.

Thank you so much, our kind friends!

We are always glad to see you!

Evrodom-plus Administration


Personally I and my family express our sincere appreciation for such an interesting excursion to the planetarium ATMASFERA 360.

For us it is very interesting and useful, and this is no small help, as it is very costly for us to provide such a vacation.

Sincerely, The Ishuk Family (Kiev)


My name is Vasilina Y. Yuzkevich, and I am sincerely grateful for you agreed to give me financial aid, and for the interesting and informative scholarship-fellows meeting. I have visited the presentation of the opera-ballet for the first time in my life. It is very beautiful. We have also visited different meetings with psychologists, lawyers and other professionals in their field, who shared valuable experience with us.

At the meetings with the scholars I realized the very important things which I did not pay attention before. My studies are going well, now I am writing a term paper.

I am grateful to you, Konstantin Georgievich, for having helped me to understand that there are such bright and generous people like you in the world. Thank you very much!


Vasilina Yuzkevich

 stipendiat_drobnyyDear Konstantin Georgievich,

I am Bogdan Drobny, and I would like to thank you for your help. I am a building college student and I want to get a higher education to get a decent work in my future life.

I study the first year, and in training there are certain difficulties which I am pleased to overcome and develop. In college, I found a good friend; he is also a scholarship-fellow and helps me in school. I also go in for sports – volleyball and workout. My dream is to learn French and to get to France.

Regards, Bogdan Drobny

 kuznecovyDear members of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation!

Thank you very much for a fascinating, informative tour to Experimentarium

Everything was prepared at a very high level, and left us the most pleasant memories.


Kuznetsovy Family 



vovkThank you very much! For your attention and understanding. For your care of children.

I wish there were more of such people. And what a pity that government agencies do not care so much about the younger generation.

God bless your life, your family and your service to the people!

Sincerely, with gratitude and love!

Mother and all the children of the Mahovy family

 mahovyeОгромное спасибо! За внимание и понимание. За заботу о детях.

Пусть будет больше таких же людей. И как жаль, что государственные структуры не заботятся так о подрастающем поколении.

Пусть Бог благословит Ваши жизни и семьи, Ваше служение людям!

С уважением, благодарностью и любовью,

Мама и все дети Маховые


Many thanks to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the opportunity to visit the most interesting museum – Experimentarium.

We all just loved it!


Ditsul family


My name is Oksana Petrovna Shtorgin, I am the mother-caregiver of the family-type orphanage, on behalf of my students sincerely thank you for the trip to the Oceanarium.

These tours have a  very positive impact on the development of our children. Thank you!


O. Shtorgin


We, a Yarovy family, cordially thank the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the opportunity to ride on roller skates in the DreamTown shopping center.

We are looking forward to further cooperation with you.

We all loved it!


Yarovy family 

 hutornye_s_delfinamiMy name is Lubov Hutorna, mother-educator of the family-type orphanage. I want to express my gratitude to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the wonderful opportunity to visit the Dolphinarium and enjoy the beautiful show. The children had a great pleasure to communicate with dolphins.

We look forward to the next meeting with your foundation.

Thank you!


L. Khutorna


The Evrodom-Plus (Home for the alone elderly) administration cordially thanks to the staff of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the pleasure they have given to our veterans – a guided tour around Kiev. Many of our residents have dreamed for a long time to see the modern Kiev, since most of the time they spend in the house.

We wish the foundation prosperity, health to the sweet staff who pay attention to older alone people.


Evrodom-Plus Administration



Thank the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for little children's joy, sincere, happy smiles.

Thank you for your work!


Fisonenko family

 2_3Thanks a lot for an interesting tour at the Museum of the history of our beloved Kiev city!


Voytenko family 

 3_1Our large family is very grateful for the excellent walk at the Spivoche Pole. Looking forward to more invitations!


Mirsky family





We are the children of the Marchenko family! We went to the zoo. It was a great fun which we all enjoyed. Thank you very much for everything!


Marchenko family

 5The Yusan family-type orphanage sincerily thanks for the useful and informative tour to the ostrich farm. It was very good recreation event for children! Thank you!

Looking forward to further cooperation.


Mother-educator of the family-type orphanage

Yusan E.N. 


Thank you for your attention and time that you have spent with my children, organizing a trip to the "Upside Down Room"

It was very amazingand surprising to be in this house.


Vitruk O.O.


I am the mother of four children Danyuk Victoria. I am very grateful to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the presented opportunity for children to play a game of bowling.

The children had so much fun!


Danyuk V.V.


Many thanks to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation and the ElephantSPA for the excellent attitude and service.

I wish the foundation to develop and give pleasure to multi-child mothers and their families.


Valentine Golovach, mother of 4 children

Thank you very much for the sea of unforgettable pleasure, for the attention and relaxation in the Elephant beauty salon. Service is at the highest level! I hope and I am confident that the Lord will bless your foundation and will increase your initiatives and good deeds for multi-child families.

With respect and love to all of you,

Hellas Makhovaya


Today I Anna Lobok with my family visited the "Mirror Maze".

The children were happy, they loved it. We have many pictures, and my kids are very grateful for this event.


Anna Lobok


Our family is very grateful to the Foundation for a Segway walk in the Mariinsky park. An unforgettable experience, rest from all the problems. There was a lot of adrenaline.

Thank you for your care.

Proskurko Family 


We, a Sulimenko family, were on decoupage.

We all really enjoyed it, it was truly interesting time, learning to discover something new.

Many thanks to the foundation!


Irina Soulimenko


Thank you from me personally and on behalf of all my children. It was very nice to see when children’s eyes lit with joy and gladness.

Thank you very much for that!


Fisochenko Family 


Thanks to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for inviting our family to the flower exhibition and workshop.

We loved it!

Children with their own hands made all these wonderful things. Everyone was excited!


Nediak T.A.


We are grateful to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation fun time.

We loved to paint in oils. It was wonderful.

Thank you very much!


Arsentievy Family 


A Sulimenko family thanks to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for a tour around ancient Kiev.


Sulimenko Family 


We, the foster parents of a family-type Desnyansky district of Kiev ophanage, Alexander and Liliana, cordially thank the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the opportunity given to our children – take part in the work of a wonderful laboratory. Our children appreciated the opportunity to make parfumes and aromabombs with their own hands. This was very wonderful, informative, practical and unforgettable!

Thank you very much! We will be happy to cooperate with you!


Ditsul Family 


We are grateful to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for a cognitive training workshop, as well as for experiments with water. Our family was very excited. Let God bless you greatly. Thank you!


Mogylna T.A.

A Haniny family is very grateful for the workshop and laboratory experiments with water. The kids loved it. They have learned a lot of interesting and useful facts and got the most positive experience. Thank you again for you worry about multi-child families. It's very nice. Be always always lucky!


Administration and veterans living in the Evrodom-Plus organization thank the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for the attention given to our facility.

And now we thank you for a little fun – ice cream, which was a real surprise for us!


Social Work Deputy Director 

Olga Ter-Vartanyan


I, Viktoria Danyuk, a mother of four children, am very grateful to you for the opportunity to participate in a sushi making workshop. Thank you very much, we spent useful time.

It is important to organize children's activities during the summer holidays, and you helped us very much!


Danyuk V.V.


I want to thank your foundation for what arranging a wonderful activity for us. All the children were very happy and inspired. This is good news!

We spent great time with our family and wonderful representatives of the foundation.


Misyura Family 


We, a Gordienko family, are very grateful to the Foundation for the opportunity to make stained glass with our own hands. The children had so much fun and tried themselves in the role of artists. Please accept sincere thanks from all of us.


Victoria Gordienko


On the side of the Vinochok orphanage we want to thank you for organizing the trip to Kiev on a European Basketball Championship.


The Vinochok Yagotinskiy District Orphanage administration


Today we had a very exciting time. We have learned many new things, made green eggs, discovered that it is possible to inflate the balloon without using hands and to write a letter with a hidden milk, and much more.

We are very grateful to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation for this wonderful time.


Elvira Arsentieva

 baksket2The administration and students of the Nadiya Skvirsky orphanage expresses gratitude and admiration to the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation and personally to Svyatoslava Maximchuk for participation in the European basketball tournament on Aug. 9, 2013. Our students have never visited the events of this kind and did not try vegetarian food. The children did not even expect that the dishes would be so varied and very tasty. Thank you for the journey into a fairy tale. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

With gratitude and respect,

Director of the Nadiya Skvirsky orphanage 

Mayorkо N.V.


With much gratitude I write to you. Thank you for the feast organized in Brovary rope park. We had a wonderful time with the family, the children had lots of fun and joy, my husband not only had a wonderful rest, but also felt happy with the children. Our family won the grand prize: a hot air balloon trip. It is a pity that the flight can be for  two only, so conferred, the children gave a flight to us with my husband.

For us, this is the second romantic trip for the whole life together (20 years), somehow there is not enough time for ourselves. Thank you. Let your work projects bring joy to many more people and to you. Many thanks to the founder of the Foundation – Konstantin Kondakov, may God reward him for his wonderful heart.

With respect and hope for your understanding,

Cheberyak Anna


Dear Konstantin Grygorievich and Victoria Ivanovna,

On behalf of my family I want to thank you for your understanding heart and wise decisions, because our family really was at an impasse.

Thanks to you, the Christmas of 2014 we will celebrate in our own home. We are thankful to God for you, because you've heard our requests and helped. Finally, after long ten years we will live in our own home.

Thank you for financing gasification and repair. We ask God good health, family happiness and success for your entire team in all endeavors.

Your team as a harmonious mechanism quickly assists people who are really in a difficult situation.

With gratitude and respect,

family of Snezana Grigorevna Kovychko

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