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We give joy to children, together with the “Multiplex” network of cinemas

Recently, in the “Multiplex” network of cinemas was held presentation of the “Cartoonews with Eskimoska” for the youngest viewers.

50 cinema tickets for children aged from 1 to 7 years was given to participants of the charity lottery at the “Schos’Slon” festival of children’s handmade creativity, organized by the Good Deeds ICF. Another 350 tickets from the “Multiplex” the Foundation employees transferred to the social services of the capital in order to please kids of socially disadvantaged categories.

Besides watching the cartoon for the first spectators’ of the “Cartoonews with Eskimoska” expected fun entertainments. Animators, show of soap bubbles, figures from balloons, dancing and contests, tricks and stunts, and, of course, the main characters — Eskimoska and Bear. For the kids it was the first and unforgettable experience going to the cinema, as well as new fun, colorful history and cognitive meeting with cute cartoon characters.