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Was presented the “Green Paper of Ukrainian charity — 2014”

On June 24 in Kiev was presented the third edition of the “Green Paper of Ukrainian charity 2014″. The study was prepared on the basis of a national expert survey “State of development of charity in Ukraine 2014″, conducted by the Association of philanthropists together with “Gromadskiy Prostir” organization in May – June 2015.

In the survey were engaged more than fifty experts in various fields of philanthropy, volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, government and public figures, journalists and scholars from all over Ukraine. Representatives of the Good Deeds ICF, which is also a part of the Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists, have also joined the creation of a “Green Paper 2014″. It is a document containing analysis (monitoring) of the current state of one of the public sphere in particular, the purpose of which is to begin the process of public discussion of a specified subject.

The event was attended by:

  • Alexander Maksymchuk, a President of the Association of philanthropists of Ukraine;
  • Alexander Oleinik, a vice president of the Association of Philanthropists of Ukraine;
  • Alla Prune, an executive director of the “Gromadskiy Prostir” organization;
  • Marina Antonova, a Chairman of the Board of the “Ukraine 3000” ICF.

Natalia Kolesnik, a president of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation also presented among the distinguished guests at the presentation of the Paper.

“Presentation of the third edition of the “Green Paper of Ukrainian charity 2014″ is certainly a positive sign. I am very happy that now more and more media and famous personalities attached to socially useful work. I hope that in the next “Green Paper” experts will notice even greater increase of the level of development of philanthropy in Ukraine”,  commented Natalia Kolesnik.