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The Best CIS Computer Minds Contest

From May 31 to June 3, 2013 an international student competition finals in information technology “IT-Planet 2012/13” took place in Kiev.

Ukraine received guests from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The best students from these countries were not only competing with each other, but also shared their knowledge.

The finals were organized with the assistance of the “IT-Directors Community of Ukraine” NGO.

The support to the international finals was provided by MBA-Partner – BS “KROK” telecommunications partner – the “Adamant” company, a start-up partner – “IDCEE”“The Ukrainian Federation of Information.

Sponsors of competitions finals were such international IT-market leaders as “Oracle”, “1C”, “D-Link” and “Linux-Center”. In addition to the vendors representatives there were managers from “EPAM Systems Ukraine”, “UALinux”, as well as the author and director of Ukrainian banner network Alexey Mas. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation joined the list of the finals’ official partners.

The international final contest “IT-Planet 2012/13” started on May 31 with the grand opening with the participation of judges and students from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. During the opening the flags of the participating countries were raised and the Olympiad and the co-organizer’s (Kiev National University of Culture and Arts) flags were carried out. Members of intellectual competitions and members of the jury were met in the KNUKIM with a traditional loaf. The finalists were welcomed by the rector of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts Professor Mihail Poplavsky, a General secretary of the International Federation of Information Processing Edward Dandler, a Chairman of the “IT-Planet” International Olympiad Organizing Committee Sergei Shalashny, a Chairman of the “IT-PlanetNational Organizing committee in Ukraine, a Chairman of the “IT-Directors Community of Ukraine”Asset Vladimir Buzmakov, a Chairman of the “IT-Planet” National Olympiad Organizing committee in Kazakhstan Fuad Hajiyev, a Deputy Chairman of the “IT-Planet” National Olympiad Organizing committee in Belarus Valery Prytkov, a Secretary of the Belarus Republic Embassy in Ukraine Alexey Zhukavets and a President of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation Natalia Kolesnik.

The “IT-Planet” project is aimed at the governmental interests convergence, the development of education, science and business, improving the education quality in the field of information technology, support for the initiative and talented youth.

One of the priorities of our foundation is the improvement of the financial and computer literacy, especially of the younger generation. We are confident that the IT-technologies are the future, and that this sector will make Ukraine a prosperous and rich country.

Ukraine has an enormous potential that will be able to make it one of the world’s leading IT-countries. That is why one of the objectives of the foundaiton within the Improving Financial and Computer Literacy program is to promote the professions related to IT-technology as a promising direction for the personality development, and in particular – the support for of young IT specialists. This is why the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation has gladly become a partner of student competition in the information technology sphere – “IT-Planet 2012/13”.

On June 3 – the final day of the competition – the all the Olympiad participants awarding was took place. Students received the certificates of the International finals participants  and became the owners of stylish “IT-Planet – Kiev – 2012/13” icons. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation presented valuable gifts to the Olympiad participants.

Also Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation invited talented IT-specialists and innovators -programmers to take part in the competition and get a grant to implement their own projects within the Improving Financial and Computer Literacy program  – the Creative Mind project.

On June 2, 2013 we decided to “ventilate the best computer minds” before the final day of competitions and arranged an exciting trip to the Ukrainian unique open-air museum – Pyrohova. We were glad to introduce talented students from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries to Ukrainian cultural heritage.

The Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation staff believe that the development of information technology is a priority, especially for the younger generation.

After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!