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The “Schos’Slon” first festival of children’s handmade creativity!

In the last weekend of spring, on May 30-31, 2015 on the territory of metropolitan zoo was held the First Festival of Children’s Handmade Creativity the “Schos’Slon”.

The event, organized by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation, with the support of the Kyiv city center of social services for families, children and youth of the Kyiv City State Administration and Kyiv zoo brought together parents, children and everyone who are not indifferent to the creative development of the younger generation.

The festive event was dedicated to one of the most popular summer holidays of Ukrainians — Children’s Day. With this great event, organizers wanted to pay attention of adult to the development of “creative personality” and unique abilities of each child.

For participants waited as much as 7 entertainment zones; professional advices for parents from pediatricians, psychologists, educators, over 30 interactive sites with developmental workshops for children; exhibition of children’s drawings, food court with delicious and healthy food, quality goods of Ukrainian manufacturers.

The highlight of the two-day event became an all-prize charity lottery with prizes from partners of the event, which attracted both children and adults.

On cooking classes from friends of the Festival — the “Kartata Potata” Culinary School happy kids prepared tasty treats for animals with famous TV-host Dasha Malakhova.

On the first day of the festival (30.05.2015) on the territory of the Kiev Zoo was held a press briefing, which was attended by Natalia Kolesnik, a president of the Good Deeds ICF, Nicholay Kuleba, a representative of the President of Ukraine on the rights of the child, Kirill Trantin, a director of the Kiev Zoo, Tantsyura Valeriy, a Head of Service for Children in Kyiv and others.

The honored guests expressed their gratitude to the organizers of celebration and promised to promote such important events for children in the future.

In turn, the members of the Foundation said that they would not stop and have plans to hold another festival of children’s handmade creativity “Schos’Slon” the next year.