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The 6th stage of the «Vechernik» project

On February 17, in the “Sentrum” Kiev club  was held the 6th stage of the «Vechernik» project , organized by the «24 carats of art» producer center and the «Millennium» club of choreography and vocal art public organization.  The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation that always supports initiatives aimed at development of creative potential of young people, became a partner of the event.

Program of the event included two stages: competition and concert program of young performers and demonstrations of the jury and guests.

Due to the high level of training of all the singers, it was not easy for the jury to chose the best one. There were a lot of disputes, disagreements and debates. However, was chosen the “Golden team” of the best 6 contestants of the contest.

Natalia Kolesnik, a President of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation was invited to the event as a member of the jury. It has already become a good tradition. She noted the high level of the contestants and the desire of young people to achieve their goals!