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Skautvill joined the 1000000 of Smiles project!

Children from a unique summer camp Skautvill decided to join the1000000 of Smiles cheerful project of the Good Deeds ICF.

More than 200 young residents of the forest town in age from 7 to 17 years organized a hilarious flash mob and formed a large “smiley”! Soon smiling photos of all little members of this positive event will appear on the website of the project.

For the support of their funny initiative, the representatives of the Good Deeds ICF presented pleasant gifts to all the participants. A child who proposed the idea of ​​a flash mob, received a youth camera Fujifilm Instax Mini 8from the foundation!

The representatives of the Skautvill forest camp reported that they plan to participate in the photoshoot for smiles for a few times again, so to the future record of Ukraine will soon join more Ukrainians!