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Victory Day With Flowers and Smiles

On the eve of a perfect holiday – Victory Day – the foundation held a series of visits to the veterans and the children of war.

Our Foundation employees are sure that it is extremely important to pay as much as possible attention not only to the elderly people, parents, grandparents, but first of all to those, who gave their lives in the name of our freedom and future.


61 Years of Love After the War

The story of Boris and Elena Borodins, a couple, who invited the members of our foundation, is a real military history of such love, which inspires film-makers all over the world.

1941. Military pilot Boris Borodin gets a combat wound and is placed in a military hospital. He is cured by a front-line nurse Elena …

2013. May 7. Boris Pavlovich and charming Elena Grigorievna, having lived together for 61 years (!), are hosting dear guests in a small cozy kitchen.

There are two reasons for a family holiday. Elena Grigorevna has a birthday. Today she turns 90. Each birthday this woman celebrates two days before the Great Feast of the Victory Day. The staff of our charity were delighted to donate gifts and congratulate this unique couple.

We are pleased to tell you about them. After all, Boris and Elena Borodins is an example of courage, heartedness, devotion, love and loyalty, support in difficult moments of incredibly complex and different decades of the 20th and 21th centuries. These people, like thousands of their contemporaries, more than half a century ago, WITH LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS BUILT A NEW WORLD. Throughout their life they realize the moral values ​​which are so important for us to inherit today. So, being inspired by the daily deeds of our veterans, let’s continue their great work!


Foundation Congratulated the “Evrodom” Veterans

On May 8 employees of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation congratulated veterans of “Evrodom” family type home for the elderly people on a wonderful holiday – Victory Day.

On this day on an improvised stage the good old songs were performed: about love, loyalty and patriotism. Songs about how difficult it was to defend the homeland from the Nazi invaders. With a little bit of sadness people remembered the difficult years of the war, front, those who were no longer there. There were also fervent songs of the war years. And the most daring “Evrodom” tenants danced a mesmerizing romantic waltz to the accompaniment of the real military band.

Toward the evening end the children of war and veterans have received from the charity wonderful gifts for great mood – flowers with greeting cards and funny balloons. Project Manager Svyatoslava MAXIMCHUK on behalf of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation congratulated those present on the occasion and invited veterans to a fascinating bus tour around Kiev, which the foundation plans to hold next week.

The memory of the heroic deeds of those to whom we owe the freedom and peaceful sky over our heads, must live in the each single heart. Perhaps we will never be able to fully repay our veterans who gave their all for today’s generation peace and safety. So let’s at least do that little what we can do today: to give attention, flowers and our love to veterans. After all, only really respecting our ancestors, we will be able to build a new world with love!

Happy holidays! Happy victory day! We wish you, dear veterans, a peaceful blue sky!