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On Air for a Good Deal!

This St. Nicholas’ Day Oksana Schyrba’s author program on the radio “Golos Kyiva” have visited the President of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation Natalia Kolesnik. The main theme of the speaker-platform of two guests became a charity in Ukraine, through the eyes of donors.

Serious tone of the conversation was supported by the head of one of the charities’ associations, who informed the audience about the current state of affairs in the field of charity and named the difficulties faced by charitable organizations every day.

In turn, Natalia Kolesnik, expressed the belief that we should not stop in front of a difficult situations – on the contrary, now is the best time to bring their actions, their good business that everyone can make for the better life, open your heart to others. To make good deeds there’s no need to put yourself through the work of some of the charitable organization, just – to develop a culture of individual charity!

However, the head of the Konstantin Kondakov ICF believes that charity does not have to be public and well promoted, so spend considerable money for its coverage – not the best thing to do.

“I congratulate all with the amazing holiday of St. Nicholas. This symbolic day, I heartily encourage everyone to ask themselves: “What good things have I done?” remember your good deeds and they continue to perform in the coming year with great zeal! It’s time for begin to unite around a good deal for a better future – let’s start the chain of charity and with love in your hearts we’ll build a new world!” – said Natalia. – “Ukraine will rise with 102 place and be sure to enter the top ten World ranking charity CAF!”