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Happy Fool’s Day!

The staff of Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation congratulate you, our dear friends, on the Day of Laughter or Fool’s Day. This day gives us excellent opportunity to share smiles and good mood with each other. On this day we wish you to lie as little as possible, in this case your jokes would be harmless and cheerful, and you will save only good memories about the holiday! If somebody makes fun of you on this day, do not get offended. Accept the joke as a sign of attention from people who like you, and join them in their fun.

In this way you’ll charge not only yourself but also other people with positive emotions.

The first explicit mention of the April 1st holiday belongs to John Aubrey, who first spoke about the “Feast of Fools”, and ten years later the Londoners cheated thousands of people, calling them to the fake “Lions Wash” in the Tower. It is interesting that according to the tradition it is allowed to make fun of others on April 1 only until noon – all of those who break this rule are called “April Fools.”

Fool’s Day has an important positive function in society. Laughter is directly related to human health, and this principle was well understood by the ancient sages. The image of the laughing Buddha, yoga laughter and the parables of the wise Jewish king Solomon (“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22)) reveal the exceptional role of laughter in life. Modern scientific research numbers confirm the interconnection between laughter and good health. While laughing we use about 80 groups of muscles simultaneously, the brain receives a bunch of happiness hormones (beta-endorphins), which literally force stress hormones out. Also immunal system is getting stronger, wounds are closed-up faster, etc.

And a day like April 1 Fool’s Day is a great opportunity to laugh with friends and relatives, and in this way to improve your body significantly.

Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, naturally, causeless, happily, like children who laugh for no reason, just beause of the abundance of life. Smile at your mirror reflection, smile to passersby on the street, in the office or in the elevator! Remind yourself and the people around you that a hearty humor and high spirits are as necessary in our lives, as the sun, air and water! After all, together we are building a new world of love!