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Winners of ZHNK Came Back From Turkey

Flurry of positive emotions and colorful surprises, presented by the unique family festival “Z Haty na Kanaty. Georgia “, which took place in the late summer in the beautiful Georgian city of Batumi, will long been remembered by the families who have been involved in its activity. But most of all emotions were gathered by the Zoydze family, who recently returned from the resort of Turkey!

Family team showed great zeal in overcoming rope route and deservedly won the family festival, which supported by the government of Georgia and the city of Batumi. So, Mr. Mamuka with his wife and three children are well rested in the south of the Black Sea in a wonderful hotel. Accommodation and all costs associated with the stay the Good Deeds ICF took over.

Recall, August 30, 2014 held an unusual event for the cultural world of Georgia – Sports Family Festival “Z Haty na Kanaty. Georgia”. The international event, which this year took place on the promenade of the Batumi city, joined hundreds of families in the general desire to actively and originally spend leisure time on the last Saturday of the summer.

Organizer of the “Z Haty na Kanaty. Georgia” was the Good Deeds ICF, with the support of NGO “Helping hand”, NGO “Aurora”, NGO “Free Parliament”, NGO “Civil Society Development Centre” and the agency “Peace Corps”.