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New Level of the BlagoLunch Project

Friends, we inform you that meeting of the BlagoLunch project that is a single discussion platform on social issues in Ukraine will be held every three months.

In order to more carefully concentrate on each item that will be discussed at the future  BlagoLunch projects, our team decided to hold a meeting of philanthropists and public not monthly, but quarterly,– commented the innovation Nataliya Kolesnik, a President of the Good Deeds ICF.

In other words, our project moves to the next level; it will become a mature forum, which will quarterly raise the current issues in the field of philanthropy and during the same session will provide irrefragable answers to them. Henceforth the BlagoLunch project will not only be a place to combine thoughts, but also a platform for joint initiatives and projects.

We invite everyone interested in philanthropy in Ukraine and who are ready for productive work in the direction of its development and growth to the next meeting of the project 30.10.2014.

Please send your suggestions for the theme of the meeting and its format. Help us to make the favorite project even better! Contact us at vladshelokov@gmail.com to

30. 09.2014.