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The Morskaya Skazka Welcomed Visitors!

As a part of the Good Cause Every Day! promo event the team of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation decided to do something memorable for boys and girls scouts – members of the Scouts of Kiev organization.

The Scouts of Kiev helps to attract children and young people to socially useful activities and is for comprehensive development of the younger generation.

On the eve of the winter holidays we invited children to visit the capital Morskaya Skazka oceanarium where kids could get acquainted with unique marine animals.

At the entrance the visitors met a legendary buccaneer, who showed little guests the way to the first gallery of the exhibition – an inverted wooden ship. There was an exposition of coral complex in the sunken ship portholes. In the underwater tunnel, which is located at a depth of 2 meters under the water, the children could feel themselves like divers. Except large fishes and sharks everyone saw colorful clownfishes, wise turtles and invertebrates – shrimps, jellyfishes, sea stars and sea urchins.

An unforgettable impression on the children produced a touchpool with starfish and stingrays, located in the central hall.

Visiting the museum with live exhibits, the inhabitants of the seas and oceans of the planet, Kiev scouts learned a lot of interesting and useful information that will surely be useful in their future endeavors. For such results with love in our hearts we are building a new world!

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