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World Best Startups in the Capital of Ukraine

On 4-5 December 2013 in Kyiv was held the Startup AddVenture (Europe Venture Summit) that is the largest freemium conference that connected over 3,000 IT entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business incubators from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the United States. Freemium conference implies free attendance of panel discussions for all the registered participants, as well as an additional opportunity to take part in interactive workshops.

The representatives of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation were invited to the event, because our organization has established itself as a reliable partner of introduction of innovative projects in Ukraine and abroad long before.

The main speakers of the Startup AddVenture Kiev Conference were professionals of start-ups business – Dave McClure, who is a founder and managing partner of one of the largest venture capital funds, AdeoRessi, founder of The Founder Institute, as well as more than 40 most successful entrepreneurs and investors from Dream Industries, HP, 500 Startups, Earlybird Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Almaz Capital, Skolkovo, Medialets, FoodPanda, Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, and many other companies.

Very interesting was that part of the Expo where the most promising startups from Eastern Europe and the CIS countries were shown. Over 80 the most interesting and unique companies were presented there. The representatives of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation had the opportunity to meet with the authors of the presented projects, which in their turn were informed about the activities of the foundation in the direction of supporting of interesting and promising innovations. The most important is that, the grant “IDiy!”, which purpose is to support already launched startup, was also presented there. According to the results of the conversation seven developers have already expressed their desire to participate in the competition for the grant.

Finally, in two days of work the Startup AddVenture (Europe Venture Summit) gathered in one place more than 200 innovative companies from around the world! The unique format allowed the participants to share their experiences and some of them even to join forces to further cooperation and implementation of new projects. The summit came to an end, but the results will encourage the development of science and technology for a long time.