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Light Graffiti or a Light Painting

Light graffiti or freeze light is a new kind of urban art which allows drawing of wonderful pictures with the help of light. Paint cans, markers and other art tools are unnecessary in this kind of painting. Light graffiti is a very exciting and fun time spending which is fully harmless for facades of city houses. As a part of the Good Cause Every Day! promo event by the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation a bright master class on light painting was held for the children from multi-child Kostenko, Plohih, Danyuk and Misyura families.

An experienced photographer Vitaly Motruschenko taught the children how to do a light graffiti. He told the young guests of the TimeStudia photostudio that the darkness and the modern camera it’s all that a light graffiti artist needs. The presence of multiple sources of light is strictly forbidden; otherwise the picture quality will suffer.

The photographer put special camera settings, set it on a tripod and pulled the trigger. At this time in the dark the boys and girls painted everything they wanted with bright flashlights in front of the camera lens. Slow shutter speed allows to draw any character or letter. The kids were thrilled when on the pictures they clearly saw unusual glowing figures and patterns.

You should choose the instrument of painting by yourself: flashlights, sparklers. The most important thing for the artist is to have a fantasy and desire to create. A kind of “brush” does not matter”, — Vitaly shared with us.

We believe that the children from the multi-child Kostenko, Plohih, Danyuk and Misyura families had a great time and discovered a new kind of creativity. After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!

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