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Short Meter for Many Years of Success

One of these days the shooting of a “No More” film will come to the end. The main message of the author is that every dream comes true when a person is trying by all means to carry it out, making a maximum effort. Shooting of the film was funded by the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

The fifteen-minute story of a thirteen-year- old girl Masha from the province who dreams of becoming a professional athlete will not leave anyone indifferent. To make her dream come true the main heroine overcomes a lot of obstacles, learns from her mistakes, not losing faith in what she does. And, most importantly, having passed all the tests of fate, she achieves the result and becomes an adult. The short film illustrates the long road from a small dream to its full implementation.

Since December 2013 during the whole year the film will take part in the international festivals programs. The author also plans to ask the pitching of Ukraine’s Derzhkino to create a full-length movie in 2014. Attracting people to analyzing their actions, thinking about moral values, family, about their path in life – that is what the film calls for, and this is what the philanthropists joined to.

By supporting these projects, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!