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Quality Education With TheoPrax

One of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation priorities is improving the financial and computer literacy of Ukrainian youth.

The Foundation regularly funds innovative educational projects aimed at global positive transformations in Ukraine. One of such projects is a unique German method of teaching named TheoPrax. The peculiarity of this system of education is focus on the practical application of knowledge in real-life conditions.

On May 28 with the financial support of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation and the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine the meeting of the developers of this education system – Peter Ayer and Dorte Krause – with leading Ukrainian teachers took place. TheoPrax is a wonderful initiative that connects the school, the university and the company. From the very start of the study program the focus is placed at the practical application of knowledge, creativity, team spirit, stimulating interest in the technology development, rather than memorizing useless information, as it is done in the most of schools today.

Modern educational world came to the idea that the front form of learning in which students learn the theory in a passive listening way, is not effective. The children graduate from the educational institution as passive listeners, they do not know how to apply what they were taught in real life. The TheoPrax methodology is a combined learning culture that gives rise to the future creative entrepreneurs who can easily adapt to changing market conditions. This positive experience is already widely used in schools in Germany and Brazil.

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation will continue to support the implementation of the TheoPrax methodology in Ukrainian schools. The foundation staff are convinced that a well-chosen training course today is the key to success and prosperity in the future. Let us pay more attention to the quality of education of the younger generation and introduce innovative world experience. After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!