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Organizational Development Forum

On December 3-4 in Kiev was held the third in a row, “Organizational Development Forum”, which was administrated by the “Ednannya” Initiative Centre. This year the main theme of the forum was — “Culture of Peace: how public organizations can develop their opportunities for dialogue and leadership for change and for the development of a culture of peace in Ukraine”.

Representatives of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation also attended the forum. In the “Ukrainian cafe” format Natalia Kolesnik, a president of the foundation performed on the important social case – “The world through the eyes of children in Ukraine and Palestine”, which was disclosed a theme of cultural exchange and the formation of the concept of peace in the minds of children. A coordinator of the Center of  Social Initiatives Tatyana Druzhchenko shared her vision of the topic “Social Initiative, as a form of available voluntary work”.

In addition, the forum presented the “Bridges of Friendship” project, which aim is strengthening of friendly relations and dissemination of information about the Ukrainian culture. As a result the “Bridges of Friendship” project was among the top 25 charitable and social initiatives.