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National Innovation Contest Comes to the End

On November 25, 2013 the results of the Ukrainian competition in the sphere of development – Innovation Breakthrough 2013 – was announced. On the same day the awarding ceremony of the national competition in six categories was held. The developer of the automatic system for simultaneous speech-to-speech translation «Droid Translator», the winner of 2013, has received a certificate from the representative of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation – a social partner of the contest.

Due to this unique project, now there are no more barriers in communication between the people of different nations. According to its developer Alexander Konovalov his invention gives an opportunity to overcome one of the biggest problems of the last centuries – the difficulty in understanding between the representatives of different countries, as well as decrease the time spent on high-quality translation.

However, this advanced technology was not the only “pearl” of the current Innovation Breakthrough. Representatives of the business environment were delighted by the principally technological scheme of recycling the plastic waste into diesel fuel. This unique project took the first place in the Best Innovation for Kiev category. The advantage is not as economical as environmentally friendly, because in the recent years plastic garbage become a widely recognized source of environmental pollution.

The representatives of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation also noted another interesting project that allows mothers to receive an online education, and offered the author of the project cooperation in its further implementation. For development of domestic educational and scientific potential philanthropists are willing to support similar projects across the whole country, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!