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Even more to the Office of the action “for learning is ready!”

Friends, we want to once again thank all the agents are cases that come to the festival “Back to School” and supported our campaign “ready to learn!”!
Thanks to all of you yesterday, we managed to collect:
– 785 UAH. donations and proceeds from the sale of souvenirs Fund
– Office: 130 notebooks, 4 diary, 8 lines, 10 glue sticks, 3 set of plasticine, 61 pen, 11 sets of colored pencils, the 1st set of paints, markers, colored paper, 3 sharpener, 1 scissors and 6 pencil .
Thank you very much!
Many of you have received not only badges “Agent’s good deeds” but tickets Skaypark, wish you have a good time there with the whole family!
We remind you that today is the last day of the campaign “ready to learn!”. Today at 13.00 in the National Reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” will be awarded to the school office sets displaced children, wards of Staff Humanitarian NGO “All-Ukrainian Organization for internally displaced persons.”
Do not forget that without you all and your contributions this event would not take place, let’s continue with the love in your heart to build a new world!