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Excursion for Сhildren in the House of Nature

As a part of the World of Nature for Children charitable promo event by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation schoolchildren from Slavyansk visited the national center of environmental education the Kyiv City House of Nature.

The kids visited the permanent exhibition of aquarium fishes and plants.

It features over 80 fish species from around the world and more than 160 species of aquarium plants.

During the excursion, the boys and girls learned the names of different types of fish and saw the living conditions of certain cold-blooded. An unforgettable experience with its size had on young naturalists the largest Ukraine six-ton freshwater aquarium.

Also to the young guests from the East of the country was presented a unique exhibition of paintings from natural materials. Images of animals, cartoon characters and landscapes were created from poplar fluff, dried flowers, leaves, straw, banana skins and other plants.

Visiting a corner of nature in the heart of Kyiv the kids spent their leisure useful and learned a lot of interesting information.