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Even the littlest good deed changes the world

The «Good deeds» ICF believes that large scale projects are not the reason to refuse from small good actions, after all our lives mostly consist of such things. That is why the management of the Fund, represented by its president, Natalia Kolisnyk, is always willing to support the charitable initiatives of her colleagues who do socially useful work for charitable causes.

For example, last week the Fund transferred the office furniture in favor of the «Free Sport to Kids» project and some furniture to children, displaced from the ATO area, who in the new place of residence had no tables (!) and were forced to write and draw on the chairs, which caused bad effect on their posture and on the growing child’s body.

Also, our organization along with  “Good things” CO and Dnipropetrovsk Youth Council joined the initiative of MTS Ukraine, which has decided to prove on its own example that the business can and should perform social functions. Thus a joint campaign was born to collect clothes, toys and household chemicals that have recently been sent to nursing homes.

Here is a list of institutions that have received our material assistance:

  1. Ushomir boarding school of I-II degrees, Ushomir village, Zhytomyr region.
  2. “Help to the wounded and to the families of the victims” Charity Foundation, Mariupol.
  3. The “Dnepr” Center for migrants, Dnepropetrovsk.

Dear readers, we would like to remind you, that you can always join the charity initiative by submitting to us children’s clothes, stationery, furniture, office equipment, etc., which we, in our turn, will send to those who are most in need of it.