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Charity Visit to the Social Apartment

This year by combined efforts of Ukrainian and international philanthropists in Kiev opened the first social apartment. This is a place for temporary living of homeless young women with infants and pregnant women who are in crisis situations. The International Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation conducts purposeful work to promote adoption in Ukraine and is sure that children should live under the parental care. Therefore, the ideas of  such social apartments are very close to us.

Recently the administration of Kiev social apartments appealed to the foundation to provide targeted assistance in the form of baby walkers and play-pens for babies. As a part of the Road to Life for Every Child program the representatives of the Foundation visited the centre for temporary stay of young mothers and brought desired gifts.

Today in the social apartment live several young women with children, all of them were very happy to see the benefactors.

“We are very pleased that the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation positively responded to our request for help. The situation is so, that we can’t meet the demand of young mothers and their children using our own resources. We are looking forward to further cooperation!” – commented the event the manager of the Centre.

The social apartment for pregnant women and young mothers is the first experience of such format in Kiev, but we believe that is not the last. The representatives of the foundation promise to support this and similar charity projects, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!