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Батутный комплекс «Скайпарк» открыл свои двери для 300 детей-переселенцев

In the past, the Fund “good deeds” carried out the campaign “Day without a good cause.” And as scientifically proven that to develop good habits just enough to repeat certain actions for 21 days in a row, the team of the Fund also acquired a familiar and useful to continue on a daily basis trying to bring into the world a little bit positive.

So, last month the Foundation helped organize active leisure in the largest European Trampoline complexes “Skaypark” for 300 children of immigrants from the East of Ukraine, who are wards of the Staff Humanitarian NGO “All-Ukrainian Organization for internally displaced persons.”

We are sincerely grateful to the “Skayparka” for providing the invitation and the opportunity for children not only have fun, but do it with health, because jumping and outdoor games – what we need young, growing body.

Here’s how parents speak about the event visit his children:

Svetlana Lelyakova Thank GSH and Trampoline Park Sky Park for the opportunity to visit such a place. The son did not want to leave, it’s all very much.
Gusakova Julia: Thank you very much !!! The child very much, so tired I fell asleep on the subway …

Mila Nikolaev: Thank you very much !!! My son happy and tired.

Photos can be taken immediately:
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