Doing good things is easy, the main thing is a desire and an open heart! We are confident that your help will be a miracle for anyone!

The Foundation works on the following programs:

ROAD TO LIFE FOR EVERY CHILD - projects are aimed at helping and supporting children of socially vulnerable categories.
*The approximate amount for the needs of the projects is UAH 30,000. On a systematic basis, we conduct master classes for children with disabilities, as well as low-income families, conduct developmental lessons and diverse events for our wards in order to support and facilitate their comprehensive development. Funds will be spent on payment for equipment, services and materials that will be used to implement projects.

IN A HEALTHY BODY - A HEALTHY SPIRIT - Projects are aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and eco initiatives.
*The approximate amount for the needs of the projects is UAH 20,000. The projects that are implemented under this program aimed for children and youth, in order to convey important information, we often use studying materials, that is a reason why the collected funds by this program will be spent on printing products.

YOUTH CHANGE WORLD - projects aimed at comprehensive youth development in Ukraine.
*The approximate amount for the needs of the projects is UAH 25,000. Youth projects of the ICF Good deeds are in great demand, because the formats and information that we share on these projects are unique. We conduct trainings, lectures, conferences, thematic social games, and implement Human rights projects. The funds raised under this program will be used to pay for equipment and materials for organizing youth events.

FATHER HEART (ADDRESS AID) - projects are aimed at financially non-financial support for children in difficult life circumstances, children deprived of parental care and care.
*The approximate amount for the needs of the projects is UAH 50,000. This program is the main one and needs the most support. Within the framework of this program, we provide targeted assistance, for which we will spend the collected funds - there are clothing, household items, household chemicals, personal funds hygiene, food and other essentials.

*Be sure to indicate in the payment setting which of the programs you want to support by transferring funds. You can read more about each of the programs on the homepage of the site.


Charitable donations are voluntary financial aid and donations to charity are non-refundable.

The International Charity Fund for Good Affairs does not provide direct financial assistance for today, and the funds received through the charity fundraising will be spent on the targeted needs of the beneficiaries (payment for goods and services) according to the programs and letters addressed to them.

All information about the programs is valid through 2020. The indicated amounts may change after they will be collected.

For more information call (044) 289 00 79.