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Dear friends! The International Charity Foundation The Good Deeds announces a tender to select a supplier on the production of T-shirts with the logo.

Source of funding - this procurement is carried out as a part of all the programs and projects implemented by the Fund.

Description of items to purchase of goods / terms of reference for work and services

1. Women's and men's versions (all mesh sizes)
Example of womens shirt / Example of men's shirt
2. 50% cotton 50% viscose
3. Highest Quality
4. Application of corporate identity projects
5. Digital Printing: A3, A4, A5
6. Printing labels: 5x5 cm

Delivery of goods, works, services.

Within 10 days after the announcement of the winner

The expected result of the work and services

Getting services for production of T-shirts with the logo in the projects organizer of the tender.

Mandatory technical requirements for the procurement subject Documents confirming compliance with the technical requirements
Production of T-shirts with the logo. Tender offer
Appointment of a manager to work with the customer Tender offer
Payment Terms: cashless payment and the ability to pay after receiving the customer service Tender offer
Information on the cost of services (cost of services should be fixed, except for changes in the direction of decreasing during the entire period of the contract) Appendix 2


Required qualifications to the supplier of goods or the executor works and services Documents confirming compliance with the qualification requirements
Legal entity under the laws of Ukraine with experience in the requested services Certificate of state registration and information on the founders of the legal entity (an excerpt from the statute specifying the founders)
Experience in the field of services requested, documented License to carry out the relevant activity
General information about the tender participant Appendix 1


Evaluation criteria of the tender offer, which will meet mandatory specifications and qualification requirements:

Evaluation criterion

Documents confirming compliance criteria

Cost of services Appendix 2

In addition to the above mentioned documents, the tender offer should include the following documents:

  • Participation in the tender – "Tender Offer" (format attached to the tender announcement)
  • Appendix 1 to the number of bids
  • Prices, which are referred to in the Announcement and the tender offer.
  • Any other documents that you think may be useful in decision making.

The procedure for obtaining Tender documents

Form of Tender Offers may be obtained by sending a request by email info@good-deeds.ua Commercial suggestions in print: to the CO "ICF good deal" st. Red Army, 72, of. 6 fl. 10, Kyiv, 03150, (with a note to Lyakh Irini).

Terms of the Tender offer participant registration:

Participants must submit their proposals in writing, in person or by mail (courier).

All copies of documents that are included in the tender offer, must necessarily be certified by the signature party, and if the party is a legal entity, the seal and signature of the authorized person. To the bid the documents that certify the right of such person authorized to sign the tender offer (the order of appointment of a director or a power of attorney) must be added.

Provided copies of documents must be legible and of good quality.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in its tender proposal carries party.

The tender offer shall be not less than 12 months from the date of signing the contract.

Bids must be received by the Fund in an A4 envelope, which on the contact lines must be marked with the seal of a participant in a few places as possible to prevent unauthorized reading of the contents of the envelope to the date of disclosure of the Fund bids. If the envelope that contains the tender offer is not designed, is not sealed and marked properly, this envelope is not accepted.

If the Tender offer came after the deadline for receipt of the tender offer, then the envelope with the Tender offer shall not be disclosed by the Fund and returned to the sender.

To participate in the evaluation of the Bid Committee to approve procurement bids will be allowed to fully comply with the terms of this announcement and the Tender Offer form.

Bids will be accepted at:

Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv, str. Red Army, 72, of. 6 fl. 10, for "ICF good deal."

Acceptance of proposals submitted by the participants personally carried out from July 23 (from 09 h. 30 min. Before 18 h. 00 min.) On August 4, 2014 (from 09 h. 30 min. Before 13 hours. 00 min.) For Kyiv time.

The deadline for acceptance of the Tender offers from participants:

«04» August 2014, up to 18 hours. 00 minutes. Kyiv time.

Opening of tender offers bidders will be held:

«06» August 2014, at 15 h. 00 minutes. Kyiv time at: Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv, str. Red Army, 72, of. 6 fl. 10.

To participate in the procedure of disclosure of tender proposals is open to all participants who have submitted bids will be or their authorized representatives. Absence of a participant or his authorized representative during the procedure of disclosure of Tender offers is not grounds for refusing disclosure and review of the Tender offer.

The most economically advantageous tender offer is determined by the Committee to approve the procurement of the Fund and of the tender offer, which meet the conditions of this Announcement and the terms of the Tender offer, in accordance with the evaluation criteria specified in the Tender offer.

Determine the winner of the procurement procedure will take place within ten (10) working days from the date of opening of tender offers with the possibility of renewal, if necessary, written verification of information contained in the tender offer, no more than three (3) days. The results of the procurement procedure will be sent to all participants not later than five (5) days from the date of the decision on the winner by proclamation on the Fund's website good-deeds.ua and send appropriate messages to bidders by mail or e-mail. The winner of the procurement procedure within three (3) days of the appointment of the winner will be sent by e-mail a written notice of the proposal acceptance.