In the Shevchenko Kiev park an unusual VEGANOVILL flash mob was held as a part of the I'm a Vegetarian program by the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation. A Veganovill vegetarian city with themed installations was established. Participants of the Kiev best dance studios demonstrated dance compositions. At the end of the event the participants formed the figure of a huge pulsating heart – the symbol of love and forgiveness.

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  • Department of Urban Beautification and Preservation of the Environment of the KCSA.
  • The best Kiev and regional dance schools.

Implementation period: 27.07.2013.

Project location: Kiev.

Purpose: to attract the attention of society to vegetarianism, healthy eating.

Objectives: to create conditions for large-scale positive changes in a vegan direction in Ukraine and abroad through a flash mob.

Target audience: residents of the city, the press, the power of the city, dancers and dance schools.

Resonance: 2 000 people.