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Sorochinskaya Fair

Every year on the open field in Poltava region for a few days thousands of people become members of a large-scale trade-cultural fair. As a part of the Sound Mind in a Sound Body and Revival of Cultural and Moral Values programs The Good Deeds ICF has equipped sports and entertainment area for everyone at the fair, including master- classes, body art studio, a climbing wall and an interactive automatic photo-system. Partners:
  • Sorochinskaya Fair
Implementation period: 20-25.08.2013 Project location: Poltava oblast, Velikie Sorochintsy Village. Purpose: to make a healthy contribution to the sport and celebration, where every child and adult will be able to show their skills. Objective: to organize sports and entertainment area for guests of the Sorochinskaya Fair. Resonance: 50,000 people.