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Ya Za Chyste Misto Project

On November, 3 at Nyvky Park a new playground for free sports opened! Along with the training elements the park was decorated with new elements of landscaping.

The full cost of the initiative group's idea was covered by The Good Deeds ICF .



  • The initiative group

Implementation period: November 3, 2013.

Project location: Kiev.


  • draw public attention to the issue of healthy lifestyle, promoting sports activities in parks, city squares;
  • update infrastructure of the city park.


  • providing opportunities of free exercises to the city residents;
  • popularization of sports in the open air;
  • updating the infrastructure of the park: the installation of new benches, landscaping places of public entertainment;
  • ensuring proper care of the park territory: installation of new bins;
  • support of interesting social projects which improve the quality of citizens life.

Target audience: residents of Kiev.

Resonance: about 1 000 people.