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“We Are Grateful for Peace!” Project

The project includes a series of large-scale events dedicated Victory Day on May 9.

Among them - the concert for veterans at the Kiev Institute of Co-operative Business and Law, celebration for war veterans, war children, families of the victims in Kiev and Brovary; laying flowers at the eternal flame in Belaya Tserkov, also volunteers gave flowers and leaflets to war veterans in Ukrainka city.


  • Kiev regional administration.

Project location: Kyiv city, Brovary, Belaya Tserkov, Ukrainka city.

Implementation period: 7-9.05.2014.

Purpose and objectives:

  • Direct assistance to veterans in the Kiev region.
  • Manifestation of public attention to veterans during the Victory Day parade.
  • Formation of a conscious vision of the past.
  • Motivation of volunteers.

Target audience: 370 people: war veterans, children of war, the war victims' families.

Resonance: unlimited.