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MamoYaMalyuyu Project: Opening the Facade in Nezhin

The final stage of the MamoYaMalyuyu competition was held as a part of the Road to Life for Every Child program. As organizers promised the finalist received a gift painted on the facade according to the winner’s sketch drawing. Miroslava Palyuchenko – the author of the drawing with dreams now can proudly show her friends how dreams may come true. In honor of the front of the house opening the charity foundation conducted a cognitive activity with gifts for the participants.


  • Nezhinsky City Council

Project location: Nezhyn.

Implementation period: 24.05.2014.

Purpose and objectives:

  • Make the public familiar with an active family leisure.
  • Show how important it is to dream and to share their ideas through creativity.
  • To complete scale the MamoYaMalyuyu all-Ukrainian project.

Resonance: 2,000 people.